Advanced Energy Management are your local solar energy experts. We have a team of professional, certified & courteous Electrical Technicians across Australia who will provide you with the right advice for equipment and an accurate assessment of the savings that you can expect with one of our popular solar panel installation packages.

We’re Electricians not salespeople, so while our process may not leave you nice and shiny, it will leave you with the knowledge of what you are buying and how to look after it.

With 3 directors (Based in 3 states) AEM has worked in the electrical industry since 1996 and specialized in renewables since 2009. We have worked for and with some of the biggest solar players and felt that we could offer a service that both excelled on quality and price.

We believe in helping locals, families, and communities, whilst being Honest, Reliable and Trustworthy, ensuring the products we install are the best products for you.

We care about the planet and we are committed to ensuring that every solar system we install reduces carbon footprints all over Australia whilst reducing our customer's monthly electricity bill.

We will provide you with expert solar solutions by the best solar installers. We offer a variety of products and services to suit your needs and your budget. One of our CEC accredited designers will design a cost-effective system ensuring the best savings for you and your family. We will not sacrifice quality over price.

We back the products that are AEM approved to be not only quality but value for money, not everyone needs a BMW when a Toyota does the same job.

Why Choose US?

Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand by our name and our products. You are dealing with the same company from your initial enquiry, through to your consultation, installation and any after hours support.

End-to-end service

Unlike most solar retailers we are mainly electrical contractors. We sell, supply, and install with our in house accredited and educated installers.

Free Consultation

It’s a complex industry to understand. We have worked in it for nearly 30 years and are constantly evolving as new technologies are made available. Let us help you make the right decision for your home or business.

reduce your Power bill and save money

Let the sun pay for your next holiday. Most systems pay for themselves in around 3 years then every kWh that system produces and uses is money saved.

deal direct with the installer

With all our installers in-house, your system will be on your home or business in no time. Don’t wait for a sales company to find a subbie in your area.

up to 25 years warranty on solar panels & *inverters

We deal with some of the biggest and oldest electrical wholesalers in Australia. With back to back warranties on all our products, some up to 25 years!

We are Available 24/7!

Advanced Energy Management are your go to team of Electrical Contractors for all of your Solar Energy needs!

Call Us Anytime: 1800 247 SOLAR