Manage Your Bottom Line with Solar Power Solutions for Business

“Going Green” is no longer a one-man-against-the-world initiative as companies around the world embrace the move to clean, energy-efficient, renewable energy sources that have a positive impact on their bottom line.

Going green is now a way of life for everyone.  It is also the price of doing business in an environmentally conscious world focused on climate change, greenhouse gas emissions and the unnecessary over-reliance on non-renewable fossil fuels.

Solar power solutions are hugely beneficial to businesses across many different sectors, industries and countries.  The commercial panels themselves offer solar energy solutions to businesses of any size, from small admin-based endeavours to large, heavy manufacturing and industrial plants with high energy consumption, running 24-hour operations

What are the Major Benefits of Commercial Solar Power?

Renewable energy has just about achieved cost-competitiveness with fossil fuels with the additional benefit of potentially generating a solar income. Not only are solar power solutions a sound, long-term financial investment for your business, they also offer other great benefits like:

- Improving productivity

- Decreasing your business’s carbon footprint while increasing its green credentials

- Presenting cost savings

- Reliable and secure source of energy

- Low running and maintenance costs.

Commercial Solar Power Solutions for Australian Businesses

Companies worldwide are embracing greener, more sustainable business practices, and Australia has been at the forefront, both as an early adopter and innovator in the use and mass roll-out of renewable energy technology. However, Australia’s current use of solar energy is low.  There are government initiatives and financial incentives to change this, making now the perfect time for serious businesses to consult with solar specialists to explore suitable solar power solutions for their business. 

Australian-based companies are, without a doubt, ideally located to harness the power of solar energy.  According to Geoscience Australia:

The Australian continent has the highest solar radiation per square metre of any continent and consequently some of the best solar energy resource in the world. The regions with the highest solar radiation are the desert regions in the northwest and centre of the continent.

Australia receives an average of 58 million PJ of solar radiation per year, approximately 10 000 times larger than its total energy consumption…Solar PV systems play an important role in off-grid electricity generation in remote areas.

What Companies Use and Benefit from Commercial Solar Panels?

Commercial solar panels are suitable for and can be used by any business or business type.  Because they are low maintenance, dependable, and reduce any reliance on the grid – commercial solar panels can efficiently provide a constant source of energy to a wide range of business premises, including cold storage units, manufacturing warehouses, distribution centres, and food production and processing facilities.

How do Commercial Solar Panels Differ from Residential Solar Panels?

Commercial and residential solar panels differ in several ways—the most obvious being in size and output of energy. 

Standard residential solar panels typically consist of 60 cells and are smaller than the average commercial panel that has 72 cells. 

Commercial panels are also usually easier to install than residential ones.  That’s because commercial panels use a mounting system, whereas residential panels have to lie flush against the roof tiles.

There tend to be more options for commercial panels than residential panels due to home size, ground size, and neighbourhood restrictions.

Although there are several differences between residential and commercial solar panels, the result is the same - a greener, more environmentally-friendly way of powering our homes and our businesses.

If you’re thinking about going green or have any questions or concerns, get in touch with reputable solar specialists.  Find out how an investment in solar energy solutions will positively impact your business’s bottom line.