The Things To Consider When Buying An Off-Grid Solar System

When evaluating the numerous solar power solutions that you can pick from in Australia, you might look into investing in an off-grid solar system. You would not be alone here, as these options are becoming increasingly useful for those who want to be entirely self-sufficient. An off-grid solar system is one that is not connected to the electrical grid whatsoever. It runs entirely from the power provided by the sun. They are also typically paired up with a solar power system like a solar battery to help store energy for later on in the day.

In the early days of off-grid solar specialisation, they were bulky and sizeable as well as being expensive to fit. Today, though, solar energy solutions which are off the grid tend to be far more accessible than you might have ever expected. In fact, many choose to fit an off-grid solar system to their camper vans and RVs so they are never caught short for power when on the road.

If you are thinking of investing in an off-grid solar platform, then you want to know what you are buying. Not only is hiring the correct solar specialists for fitting very important, but we recommend you factor in the following as well.

What is your main purpose?

Some choose to go off-grid because they think it sounds cool. Most choose to go for an off-grid system because they want to generate a small-scale electrical output for something like a small cabin, an RV, or a smaller home.

Before you go ahead and invest, ensure that your plan makes sense. For example, if you already have access to utility power, such as a home in an urban city, you might not need to go for off-grid solar setups.

What about the equipment?

Typically, any off-grid solar setup is going to utilise items including, but not limited to, solar panels, charge controllers. Inverters, batteries, and junction boxes. Most also come with a mounting system to help keep the panels in place on top of your property and/or vehicle.

So, make sure that you actually have everything you need. Any solar specialists helping you to fit the off-grid platform can ensure that you have everything you need to build, store, and then utilise all of that energy which is coming in to you without losing any efficiency or performance consistency.

What about the size?

Lastly, make sure you work with the people you have in mind to get an off-grid solar system set-up. Deciding on the size of your system is very important, as you need something that is big enough for your setup yet not too large that it wastes valuable space or costs an excess of what it should.

You want to work with your social specialist to work out your current usage and your load evaluation. Once you work that particular equation out, working out the size of your off-grid solar system becomes so much easier.

If you find you are unable to connect to the grid, then, use the above ideas to better understand what you need in terms of size, tools, and technique. Then, you can find installing your off-grid solar system will become much easier.