The Benefits of Solar Power On The Environment

In this day and age of rising global temperatures and the gradual overall deterioration of the environment, drastic measures toward the protection of the environment are crucial. Lately, the focus has been on cleaner, renewable energy sources that take the load off of conventional energy sources such as fossil fuels. The emissions resulting from the use of fossil fuels give rise to greenhouse gasses which consequently result in increasing global temperatures. Recently, solar power systems are proving to be a promising solution towards a cleaner and greener future.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Carbon footprint simply refers to the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result of your domestic or commercial activities. Unlike conventional power sources, the energy for solar power comes from the sun, free of cost and any harmful emissions. This means that you can produce renewable green energy, that would’ve otherwise had to be produced via fossil fuels with serious implications to the environment. In Australia, every megawatt-hour of energy produced via solar power systems offsets about 500 to 1000 kgs of carbon dioxide.

Have a positive impact on climate change

The use of fossil fuels for power generation leads to the release of harmful gasses such as carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. These emissions consequently result in climate change, which is a major global problem of the modern age. Carbon dioxide emissions enhance the greenhouse effect which results in rising global temperatures and extreme weather conditions. On top of that, excessive fossil fuel usage has resulted in deteriorating air quality as well. Solar power can help reduce the pace of climate change since it produces no greenhouse gasses.

Take the load off fossil fuels

Fossil fuels are a non-renewable source of energy meaning that there is only a finite amount of fossil fuel resources on earth that is bound to run out in the future. On the other hand, solar power is renewable, meaning that there is an infinite amount of solar power that can be converted into electricity without any drawbacks that otherwise come with the mining, distribution and use of conventional fossil fuels. Experts have asserted that if we capture all of the sunlight shining on earth for an hour, we can produce enough electricity to power the whole planet for a year.

Save Water

Traditional coal or nuclear power plants require huge amounts of water to produce a single kilowatt-hour of electricity. Recently there have been increasing efforts to conserve water globally. From manufacturing solar panels to solar system installation and generation of electricity, solar power requires 90% less water than coal power plants. Also taking into account the pollutants released into water bodies as a result of mining activities, solar power is a promising alternative.

Long-lasting and low maintenance

These days solar panel manufacturers are providing warranties for upwards of 25 years. That means if you choose good quality solar panels and inverters and use reputable solar power installers, you can reap the benefits of solar power for more than 25 years with minimal maintenance. When compared to conventional power generation systems that require tedious maintenance and replacement of parts which can result in a lot of waste material, solar power is a much cleaner way to power your home or business.