The Benefits of Installing a Solar Battery Storage System for Households

The burning of fossil fuels to produce electricity is a practice that poses a critical threat to humanity regarding perpetuating the devastating effects of global warming and climate change. If we continue to produce carbon at the current rate, the Earth may become uninhabitable by 2050. The question is, what can we do to reduce these unsustainable carbon emissions? The answer is simple yet quite effective; shift to green and clean energy. Solar power is an effective and economical source of clean and renewable energy. Once you install solar panels on your house it naturally follows you will need solar batteries to store the excess energy not used during the day. Here are the top four benefits of installing a solar battery storage system for your home.

Stores excess electricity generated by the panels.

Solar panels produce electricity during the daytime when they receive light from the sun. These panels convert solar energy into electrical energy. The more sunlight the panels are exposed to, the more electricity is produced. Now, what to do if you produce more electricity than you currently require? There are two possible solutions. As the homeowner, you can sell the excess energy to the power grid. Or alternatively, you can keep the excess energy in your solar power system. Which option is more beneficial? Of course, storing the energy in your system is the better choice. When you sell energy to the grid, the government purchases it at a price three times lower than the regular electricity price in Australia. However, when you need electricity at night, you have to buy it from the grid, which is three times more expensive than the rate you sold the electricity. So, the best way to store the energy for its future use is through a solar battery storage system.

 A vital power-diversion tool

Solar batteries are an important source of solar management. You can use software to program your solar power solutions and improve your solar energy management. Furthermore, you can program the transfer of excess energy to the appliances that consume more electricity in your household to ensure you are never caught short.

 Increase your energy self-sufficiency

There are people in Australia who don’t go for a complete and integrated solar power and storage system. They install solar panels but opt to not purchase solar batteries. These homeowners use the energy produced by the panels and sell the excess energy they are not using to the grid. So, these homeowners have to buy electricity when their panels stop producing electricity during the night or on cloudy days in effect becoming dependent on the grid for energy. If you install a solar battery storage system, you can store excess energy in solar batteries and use it whenever you want. You don’t have to rely on power grids for your energy requirements. Hence, a solar power and solar battery storage system when used together gives you energy independence.

Minimise your carbon footprint

Last but not least, countries worldwide are using fossil fuels and coal to generate electricity. The burning of fossil fuels and coal produces carbon dioxide as a by-product. It enters the atmosphere and increases the concentration of carbon dioxide, which ultimately causes global warming. So, with solar power solutions, you can drastically reduce your carbon footprint and play a part in saving the planet. 

There are multiple benefits of installing solar battery storage systems in households. It stores extra energy produced by panels, helps in solar management, gives you energy independence, and reduces your carbon footprint. Solar power can ensure you never receive another power bill again so the question is why haven’t you installed an integrated solar power and battery system already?