How Solar Power Systems Benefit the Environment

In this day and age where environmental protection is becoming a major concern, even small efforts on the community level can lead to a huge positive impact in the future. With the rising global temperatures and air pollution, we need to look towards greener ways to power our lives. Opting for renewable energy sources such as solar power systems for your residence or business is one such step that goes a long way towards the benefit of the environment. The impact of solar power systems on the environment is huge. Some of the benefits are listed as follows.

Slow down climate change

With over two centuries of reckless dumping of pollutants and carbon dioxide into the environment as a result of industrialisation and ever-increasing use of fossil fuels, it is becoming harder for the environment to sustain a climatic balance. Abruptly changing weather patterns, poor air quality and rising overall global temperatures is a testament to the environmental degradation that has been occurring. Solar energy is emissions-free and hence can help us to reduce our carbon footprint on a domestic and commercial level. Deploying solar power resources on a mass scale, can greatly help offset the damage that has been done to the environment.

Improve Air Quality

Until recently, in Australia, most of the electrical energy produced was using fossil fuels. The emissions from fossil fuels contribute to poor air quality, which consequently leads to serious health implications including pulmonary, cardiac and even neurological damage. Solar power contrarily is emissions-free and hence has no effect on an individual’s health.

Reduce dependency on non-renewable energy

Solar energy is infinitely abundant, meaning that you won’t run out of it no matter how much you harvest it, meanwhile, fossil fuel resources are dwindling at an alarming rate and will run out in the not-so-distant future. Consider solar as an investment toward the future when fossil fuels run out and we still have a source of energy that is free and infinite.

Conserve Water

Solar panels, from manufacturing to installation, use far less water than it takes for conventional fossil fuel power plants to produce a single kilowatt of electricity. Considering the ever-increasing scarcity of fresh, usable water, this proves to be a major advantage of solar system installation for your home or business.

Taking into account the huge environmental benefits of solar power systems, the Australian government provides home and business owners with certain incentives and rewards for installing solar systems. These rewards include income in the form of certain rebates, mark-up free loans and subsidies on solar equipment. These rewards vary from state to state, for example, the Queensland government provides interest-free loans and grants for purchasing residential and commercial solar panels. Additionally, the South Australian government provides a subsidy on panels and storage systems. Depending upon your individual scenario you may be eligible for a certain rebate on the cost of your solar power system. Then there is the feed-in tariff where the government pays you for the electricity fed into the grid when the solar power system is producing electricity in excess of your needs. Considering everything, going solar is a win-win situation for both you and the environment and with the government incentivising the whole process for you, installing a solar power system in your home or business is the only right thing to do.