The Benefits of Installing a Solar Battery Storage System for Businesses

According to the International Energy Agency, solar contributes 3% of the total energy production worldwide. In Australia, 6.4% of the total electricity is produced using solar systems, and this trend is growing at a startling pace. As of 2021, more than 2.96 solar systems have been installed in Australia. Businesses in Australia are installing solar battery storage systems to harness the benefits of solar energy. 

Here are the top 5 reasons why businesses should install a solar battery storage system on their premises.

1) Energy arbitrage 

Businesses operate from 9 am to 5 pm, 5 days a week but, the solar cells keep producing energy round the clock. Now, the question is what about the extra energy that solar cells produce? Smart businesses are using solar battery storage to store the extra energy so that they can use it during peak time or sell it to the grid to earn some income.

2) Reduce your operating costs

The cost and production of goods and services greatly depends on energy prices. Businesses use electricity to run their production house, supply chains, and warehouse. With the installation of solar systems, the business can completely rule out its daytime electricity costs. In addition, with the usage of storage batteries, companies can use the extra energy produced during the daytime, at night as well. This practice allows companies to drastically reduce their operating costs. 

3) Indifferent to fluctuating energy prices

In addition, solar power systems and storage also make your business indifferent to fluctuating energy prices. The cost of electricity is continually increasing in Australia, and that is frustrating business owners due to its adverse impact on production and operational costs. So, solar power solutions and solar management are alternative tools to grid electricity that constantly fluctuates in price. These green solutions give business owners peace of mind that their electrical system is working for them. 

4) Green business

Green business is the buzzword of the twenty-first century due to the deteriorating state of the Earth’s natural habitats and wildlife. Global leaders are asking businesses around the world to reduce their carbon emissions. Origin Energy says that more than 86% of the electricity in Australia is produced using fossil fuels and the burning of fossil fuels is the major contributory factor to carbon emissions. Accordingly, should businesses reduce their dependency on fossil fuel-generated electricity and meet energy requirements through clean and green energy such as solar systems and solar storage batteries, businesses can declare themselves as green businesses and help to reduce carbon emissions.  

5) Resiliency and backup power

Power outages due to energy management, shortage of electricity, and natural disasters are common phenomena in Australia. Businesses in Australia cannot afford such power outages given their responsibilities to staff safety and to meet client expectations. Hence, businesses should install solar systems and solar battery storage systems on their premises to become resilient to such outages.

Solar system solutions and solar batteries as an alternative source of electricity are the talk of the town in the twenty-first century. Solar energy has multiple benefits for businesses. It reduces their operating costs, allows energy arbitrage, makes them insensitive to increasing electricity prices, helps reduce carbon emissions, and makes them resilient to power outages. So, if you are planning to install a solar power system and storage in your business premises, then Advanced Energy Management is the best solar system solution provider.