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Solar PV panels are being used increasingly across Australia, both in the city and in remote locations, to produce electricity for households, schools, businesses and communities, and to supply power for equipment such as telecommunication and water pumps.

Our team of Qualified Electrical Technicians are able to advise, install and maintain a variety of solar panels selected to suit your particular needs.


Installing a battery bank means your home will be able to take advantage of your rooftop energy production as well as future regulatory changes allowing households, small businesses, and community groups to trade rooftop solar generated electricity between each other.

Investing in a battery will allow you to store your excess solar electricity and potentially on-sell it to neighbours and businesses.

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AEM only uses local electrical wholesalers to purchase all of the AEM approved products. This means that not only is the warranty serviced by AEM but also by wholesalers that are Australia wide and have been around since 1885. Product warranty documents are presented for your records as part of the AEM post pack.

Ask us about our service packages for the life of your system, that adhere to AS5033.


The inverter has the most important role in your solar energy system. It converts the DC electrical current produced by the solar panels into an AC electrical current suitable for supply to your home and the main electrical grid.

We have selected the best makes and models to suit your budget and usage, and our Qualified Electrical Technicians will explain everything you need to know to maximise your energy generation and return on investment. 


Because they have no moving parts, solar modules are extremely reliable, with an expected life span of several decades. They are also self cleaning and require very little in the way of maintenance. 

However adhering to a frequent preventative maintenance schedule will obviously produce the longest lasting results for your inital investment and outlay.

Please discuss these options with one of our Qualified Electrical Technicians when they visit your property.


Choosing Advanced Energy Management means you will only ever deal with Qualified Electrical Professionals. There are no Sales People in between.

This means more savings for you and a better overall relationship. It’s what makes AEM different… and proud! 


Advanced Energy Management are your local solar energy experts. We have a team of professional, certified & courteous Electrical Technicians across Australia who will provide you with the right advice for equipment and an accurate assessment of the savings that you can expect with one of our popular solar panel installation packages.

We’re Electricians not salespeople, so while our process may not leave you nice and shiny, it will leave you with the knowledge of what you are buying and how to look after it.

With 3 directors AEM has worked in the electrical industry since 1996 and specialized in renewables since 2009. We have worked for and with some of the biggest solar players and felt that we could offer a service that both excelled on quality and price.

We believe in helping locals, families, and communities, whilst being Honest, Reliable and Trustworthy. Ensuring the products we install are the best products for you.

We care about the planet and we are committed to ensuring that every solar system we install reduces carbon footprints, all over Australia, whilst reducing our customer’s monthly electricity bill.

We will provide you with expert solar solutions by the best solar installers. We offer a variety of products and services to suit your needs and your budget. One of our CEC accredited designers will design a cost-effective system ensuring the best savings for you and your family. We will not sacrifice quality over price.

We back the products that are AEM approved to be not only quality but value for money, not everyone needs a BMW when a Toyota does the same job.

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