Solar For Homes

Solar For Homes

Fossil fuel energy production not only becomes more expensive for consumers each year, but the framework of the system itself also continues to age and degrade, making for an increasingly inefficient and cumbersome way to generate electricity. Greenhouse gas emissions from energy production pollute the planet at alarming rates with all roads leading to the need for urgent solutions.

The need for solar energy is both our now and our future.


Residential solar panels are being used increasingly across Australia, both in the city and in remote locations to produce electricity for households, with or without solar battery storage. Sunlight hitting your panels generates a flow of DC electricity to your inverter, where the current is then transferred into AC current for use.

Our team of Qualified Electrical Technicians are able to advise, install and maintain a variety of residential solar panels selected to suit your location, budget and particular energy needs.


Because they have no moving parts, solar modules are extremely reliable, with an expected life span of several decades. They are also self-cleaning and require very little in the way of maintenance. However, adhering to a frequent preventative maintenance schedule will obviously produce the longest-lasting results for your initial investment and outlay.

Please discuss these options with one of our Qualified Electrical Technicians when they visit your property.


Installing solar batteries means your home will be able to take advantage of your rooftop energy production as well as future regulatory changes allowing households, small businesses and community groups to trade rooftop solar-generated electricity between each other.

Investing in solar battery storage will allow you to store your excess solar electricity and potentially on-sell it to neighbours and businesses.


The inverter has the most important role in your solar energy system. It converts the DC electrical current produced by the solar panels into an AC electrical current suitable for supply to your home and the main electrical grid.

We have selected the best makes and models to suit budgets and usage, and our Qualified Electrical Technicians will explain everything you need to know to maximise your energy generation and return on investment.


Advanced Energy Management only uses local electrical wholesalers to purchase all of our AEM approved products. This means that not only is the warranty serviced by us but also by wholesalers that are Victoria wide and have been around since 1885. Product warranty documents are presented for your records as part of the AEM post-pack.

Ask us about our service packages for the life of your system, that adhere to AS5033.

Solar energy

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